There is something about a luxury brand that makes it luxury. Sometimes it’s the look and feel, the beautiful ads, the composition, a pretty font, the service your receive, the money you pay – and sometimes it’s a little bit of everything. Many times, it’s an experience you can’t quite put your finger on but you know it was special. To us, Luxury is everywhere. From the air we breathe, the water we drink and the very earth we stood on. It is something that we all experience everyday but take it for granted. Over here at SIJORI Batam, we enable you to slow down your pace and re-look into the fundamentals of whats important in our everyday lives.

SIJORI Sparadise

SIJORI Sparadise is the leading traditional Balinese Herbal Spa in Asia for men and women. Known for our unique execution of treatment techniques, we bring you the authentic Balinese Spa experience with a blend of ancient therapeutic remedies & modern day spa rituals for healthy living & total well- being.
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Events & Activities

Take a bicycle tour down nostalgia lane when you visit heritage sites dating back hundreds of years. Whether your interests lie in culture, back-to-nature pursuits, or the adrenaline rush of racing in a go-kart, taking a smooth ride round the island in a bicycle or competitive shooting with paintball, Batam offers the whole range of activities to engage you.
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Dining at Sijori

The morning begins with a glimpse of paradise at SIJORI as you celebrate each new day. With our all day dining experience, sample authentic flavours in our seafood restaurant and international buffet, all completely modernized to afford guests a lively and distinctive wine-and-dine experience. Featuring an extensive variety of international and local cuisine. Savour a full international buffet, or simply just enjoy the dishes prepared by our master chefs just the way you want it. Enjoy the all-day dining experience at SIJORI, where Batam’s authentic flavours all come together!
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